Patient Updates – 02/03/2022

Opening Hours Changes

From 1st April 2022 we will be making a small change to our opening hours. Every Tuesday and Wednesday between 12:30 and 1:30 we will close the doors and the phone line will be for emergencies only. This is so that we can have time for compulsory meetings and training. We have in the past held these ad-hoc and once every 3 months all surgeries would close for one afternoon which would be covered by 111, however during the pandemic this did not take place and it is not due to return currently. We are one of the few surgeries who do not have lunchtime closing. During our ad-hoc closures we received feedback from multiple patients that they were not aware that we were going to close and had a wasted journey. By making it a weekly occurrence we can update our opening times online. I would like to stress that if you have an emergency during these times, you will be able to speak to a member of staff.

Covid Updates

Whilst the government has significantly reduced covid measures for the public, GP surgeries are to continue with their infection control procedures. This means we will maintain the 2m distanced seating arrangements in the waiting rooms and we ask all patients unless medically exempt to wear masks at all times in the practice. This will help us to protect the most vulnerable patients and to protect the practice from closure of it services due to lack of staff. Staff are not allowed to come to work if they have covid.

Training Practice

We are a training practice and would like to welcome Dr Ahmed to our team. She will be training with us as an ST2 and will be providing appointments for patients. For more information about the training program please see: Training and Teaching.

New Staff

We have welcomed some new members to our reception and admin team. Thank you for your patience whilst they are in training.