Surgery Update

This week’s update will be early due to staff absence next week.

Based on figures from 11/02/2021 we have currently vaccinated 94% of our over 80’s cohort of patients, 96% of our 75-79 year old patients, 92% of our 70-74 and/or clinically extremely vulnerable patients and 13% of our 65-69 cohort patients, this group has not been fully updated as we are immunising today to so this figure will be higher after the weekend.

If you are in the top 4 cohorts you can now contact book your vaccine online and do not need to wait for an invite at

I have been contacted by our colleagues delivering the vaccine to our housebound patients and they have informed me that all our housebound patients over 70 will be vaccinated by the government deadline of 15/02/2021. We have also provided them with details of our under 70 housebound patients and we would expect you to be contacted shortly if you’re in this cohort.

We have been advised that all cohort 5 patients will be contacted centrally and invited to a main vaccination hub, so from next week we will be focusing as instructed on our cohort 6 patients. If you fall in to cohort 6 please allow us time to contact you, we are running the vaccination centre next Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th, and we will also be vaccinating the week after, dates to be confirmed.

If you are in cohort 1 – 4 and have not yet received your vaccine and would like support in booking please contact the surgery and select option 4. Our team will be available to support your booking and answering your questions.

Thank you for your on-going support and messages of support.